Sasanti Restaurant & Lounge | Gathering, Wedding and Parties
Sasanti Restaurant and Lounge. Weddings, events, gathering and parties. Locatedin one of the hippest dining area in Yogyakarta. We offer the experience of not only entertaining your palate with our food but also your senses with our cozy ambiance.
Sasanti Restaurant, Lounge, Indonesian food, Cocktails, Western food, Desserts, Events, Weddings, Parties, Private parties,
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Restaurant & Lounge

In a strategic location in one of the hippest dining area in Yogyakarta, we offer the experience of not only entertaining your palate with our food but also your senses with our cozy ambiance.

Discover the space

Discover the space

Charming gardens and buildings designed to have a global experience.


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Relax at Lounge

Relax at Lounge

Having drinks with friends after dinner  in a serene environment.


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A world of gastronomy

A world of gastronomy

Traditional and modern proposal for demanding palates.


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Celebrate your events

Celebrate your events

All the facilities to celebrate your meetings


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Indonesian and Western gastronomy

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Authentic Javanese recipe

Sasanti Restaurant provides a wide variety of dishes according to traditional recipes from Java. The rices, meats and soups… all they cooked with the original ingredients. The cuisine reflects the flavor and colors of Indonesia with delicate elaborations and tasty dishes.

Western selection

A selection of western dishes to enjoy the best meats, the finest fishes and the most famous international recipes. The care in the presentation and respect for the product is one of our priorities. Our dedication to achieve a perfect and satisfying experience.


Some of our dishes

  • Nasi Campur Sasanti Special

    Nasi Campur Sasanti Special

    The highly marbled of Wagyu satay, Red snapper curry, spicy shrimp, fried chicken, vegetables served with 3 kinds of rice ( Steam, Tumeric, Brown rice).

  • Soup buntut

    Soup buntut

    Oxtail soup, served with rice, Chinese bean sprouts, chilli sauce and shrimp crackers.

  • Salmon Fillet Steak

    Salmon Fillet Steak

    Steamed Salmon fillet glazed with an orange, tarragon, and caper sauce.

  • Selat Solo

    Selat Solo

    Javanese braised beef served sauted vegetables and potato.

  • Pis Kopyor

    Pis Kopyor

    Steam banana and young coconut pandanous dessert

  • Avocado coffee

    Avocado coffee

    Sweet avocado juice with soft cream and a touch of coffee.

A great selection of the finnest food


Do you have to organize an event?


A perfect wedding day

In Sasanti we offer spaces and services you need to have a perfect wedding day. The gardens, semi-outdoor joglo and the indoor saloon offers you the possibility to have up to 200 seated guests. Of course, the best food and service to make you only have to come and enjoy the happiest day of your life.

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Your events at Sasanti

During the day or at night, you choose. Your private parties, events, presentations or cultural performances. Sasanti spaces are available and flexible to help meet your needs and surprise your guests in your events. Tell us what you need and we will work to make your event a success.

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